People House

People House is a local Romanian company part of Orthodoxou Employment Bureau Ltd., the second biggest leasing company in Cyprus, operating since 1995. The company adopts an international strategy through placing staff coming from the EU and non-EU, working closely with partners and associates in countries such as India, China, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam and the Philippines.

People House is a project created by a group of Romanian and European entrepreneurs who already have accumulated an extended portfolio of previous successful projects, together with a management team with more than 20 years of experience in HR, recruitment and staff placement.

We offer all the range of services related to the selection and recruitment of staff:

- Preparation of all the necessary documents

- Submission of the correct and complete file with the Immigration Authority

- Issuing visa and renewal if the case

- Airplane tickets 

- Trip organization 

- Medical examination

- Preparation of work contracts

- Declaring employees for fiscal and social security

- Facilitating the integration process