Orthodoxou Employment Bureau

Orthodoxou Employment Bureau is one of the largest recruitment agencies in its field in Cyprus. As a company we specialize in employing people from non-EU countries such as India, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt and Lebanon. The areas we specialize in are: cooks/bakers, butchers, waiters/bartenders, receptionists, chambermaids, farmers, farm workers, spa therapists, gardeners, welders, programmers/IT staff, etc.

Our company counts more than 28 years of experience maintaining cooperation with well-known clients. Our team are experts in the field and are capable to find the appropriate job for each candidate. 

As a company we provide all the necessary procedures and services related to the employment of foreign personnel in Cyprus. We fully undertake the preparation and approval of employment contracts and all necessary documents, the authorization of documents by the relevant Government Department, the authorization of documents by the appropriate Embassy or Consulate, the filing of documents with the aliens and immigration departments and the registration of employees. We also undertake visa and air ticketing for foreign employees through our travel agency. In addition, we arrange the meeting of the employees at the airport as well as their transportation to the place where they will work. Finally, we undertake all the necessary medical analysis and x-rays of the foreigner.

As a private Employment and Recruitment Agency, we are fully licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance of the Republic of Cyprus with license number 152. We are also a member of the Pancyprian Association of Registered Private Recruitment Agencies in Cyprus. The personal, efficient and reliable service we provide is why our company philosophy states that we’re here to ''Grow Your Business.''