Blue Air flying With its Greek Speaking Crew

 The Romanian airline Blue Air continuing its long- term investment policy, aiming to strengthen its presence in the Cypriot travel market but also to offer quality services to the traveling public of Cyprus, is announcing as of the 1st of June 2015 the Blue Air Crew will speak Greek on board flights departing from Larnaca.

Faithful to the commitments announced on 01/19/2015 that it would be employing local staff, on April, Blue Air hired 15 people for cabin crew and soon they will take their positions in the Romanian company.
According to Orthodoxou Aviation Ltd, which represents the airline in Cyprus, '' the company's goal was to adapt its product, as close as possible to the needs of the Cypriot travelers and speaks the Greek language on board flights which It is very important. With this movement we are sending the message that Blue Air is not just another airline operating in Cyprus, but a company based in Cyprus, employs local workforce and is here to offer in the Cyprus market.  

The new crew of Blue Air has 9 women and 6 men with experience in similar positions. The theory training is held in Cyprus and the practice was done in Bucharest in the educational center of Blue Air.
The young crew will begin their flights in June and it is expected that this will give a more intimate setting on flights of the company, which will be upgrading the offered product of the company in the local market.



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