Blue Air FAM Trip to Bucharest

On the first weekend of February, Blue Air with the cooperation of Orthodoxou Aviation Ltd, organized a FAM trip to Bucharest with partners and media representatives.
The trip aimed in visiting and familiarizing with the maintenance facilities and the safety procedures of Blue Air.
In direct collaboration with Boeing, Blue Air, constantly makes upgrades and maintenance on its aircrafts. During maintenance, an aircraft is separated into pieces and each piece passes through inspection. Then a report is sent and the deteriorated parts are immediately replaced with new ones.
To fully prepare an aircraft, it may take up to 20 days of work and revisions. Security issues are a serious matter and for this reason Blue Air does everything to ensure the right procedures always take place.
It’s worth mentioning that even the aircrafts that are not operated at this stage, are also subjected to the inspection and maintenance process to ensure their readiness at any given time.

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